Tip #13 P.U.S.H.

It’s a word you’ve heard so many times in an average conversation. Push.


“Can you push the door open?”

“Let’s push the stroller while we go for a walk.”

“Do not push you little brother!”


I have been using the word push so much that in February I deemed 2017 the year of P.U.S.H.  My definition of the word, however, is much different from what you might think.  For me, it’s about not settling for anything less than what you know you can give yourself. It’s about pulling deep from
within yourself and fighting for what is ordained for you. Its about getting up every day excited about winning in life. It an acronym that I want…no, I need you to use whenever you feel like life’s too tough, too hard, or too difficult to handle. What does P.U.S.H. stand for? I would be more than happy to tell you!


Wake up every day with a winning attitude!

P is for Purpose.

When things become so unbearable that you want to walk away remember
your “Why”. Your “Why” is your purpose; it’s your reason for doing the things you do. Have you ever heard people say don’t let your reason be your excuse? I can’t stand that saying, because it’s diminishing your feelings and your circumstances. I say embrace your feelings. If you are sad be sad. If you are upset because of your situation then you have the right to feel that emotion. I say be in that moment, feel it, but don’t stay there; get up so you can focus back on your purpose. I know it may not feel like it, but your situation has an expiration date on it; your purpose is a lifetime. A real purpose will not expire or change; you will only add to it. Live in your purpose and let that fuel you.


U is for Unique.

Each and every person on this beautiful earth has something different to contribute from the next person. You are not like anyone you know. I am not like anyone I know. God made you unique to stand out and go against the grain. God didn’t bless me with the strength I have and the goodness that He instilled in me so that I can let it sit dormant and go to waste. Our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ has placed a light within you, and all he needs you to do is trust him enough to shine on those who need your God-given talents. Only you know your talent/talents, and if you don’t then it’s time to find out. Perhaps you’re a very outgoing person and can converse with anyone, or you can cook anything without a recipe book, or you can sketch realistic drawings. These gifts are things that you were naturally given and you do them effortlessly. Of course, you must practice to be better, but that practice only increases your excellence.



S is for Strive.

Strive means to make great efforts to achieve or obtain something; to struggle or fight vigorously. In those moments when you want to give up and walk away, think of what strive means. Some of the most successful people had to fight to get into the position they are in, and it takes work! People that participate in marathons train for a minimum of 12-20 weeks, and  they’re even in decent shape before  they start training. Then they must eat right every day, run 3-5 days a week, and run so many miles each week. A marathon is 26.2 miles. It cannot be completed without a struggle or a fight. The question becomes, How badly do you want what you are fighting for?


H is for Health.

I’m not gonna lie. I can’t wait for the day I can put on a two-piece bathing suit, strut down the street, and watch my hubby drool all over me. But that can’t be the only reason why I get up every day and condition my mind to change for a better lifestyle. I want to be healthy too.

Everyone has some sort of illness that runs in their family, and you could be at risk for it. Admittedly, some  health conditions aren’t preventable, but the leading causes of health struggles such as heart disease, diabetes, and hypertension (just to name few) are preventable. The only way to steer clear of illnesses like these  is by making your health a priority. There is no “I don’t have time” when it comes to your health. Let it be your choice to make a change and not a doctor telling you what you MUST do.

Wrong Way. Right Way.

There are many days I cry, yell, get frustrated, pout, or punch a pillow, but after I’m done throwing my fit like a toddler having a tantrum, I get up, straighten up my face, take a deep breath and I P.U.S.H. cuz I know I’m worth it.  You are, too!


Have you ever been in a huge crowd and walked in the opposite direction? People bump you, give you dirty looks, let out sighs of irritation because you’re going the “wrong way”. In spite of that, you keep going cuz you are going the right way for you. Your destination is the direction the crowd is coming from. It will take a lot of work to move  past everyone, and even though people are saying you shouldn’t go that way, ignore them. Continue to seek God while listening to what He is telling you and you will reach greatness!

I believe Gods way is the right way!

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Welcome! I'm Chantel. I am a wife, a stay-at-home-mom of 5, and an aspiring Personal Trainer & Health Coach. I want to support moms needing a healthy lifestyle community. Join me as I embark on the journey of health, food, fitness, and motherhood.

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  1. So much truth in this entry! Thank you for being real! When others share the thoughts and struggles (especially these), wins and losses… It is not only liberating for that person, but for the others who hear it! It takes power from those negative thoughts that keep you from striving and ultimately taking steps to better your situation.

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