Speaking to your Mountain

Speak to your Mountain

What is a MOUNTAIN? No, not the large landform that stretches above land in a limited area to form of a peak. I’m talking about the mountain in a believer’s life? The mountain that is the hindering from doing many things in your life. This mountain can be anything that contradicts what the word of God is on your life. It is a barrier or perhaps it looks like a dead end, but it is stopping you or slowing you down from completing God’s will.

Together we will speak to our mountain. Things are changing in this season so we must hold on and stand firm on HIS word. It is coming, but first we must move these mountain with NO doubt in us.  Are you ready to move you mountain?

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Welcome! I'm Chantel. I am a wife, a stay-at-home-mom of 5, and an aspiring Personal Trainer & Health Coach. I want to support moms needing a healthy lifestyle community. Join me as I embark on the journey of health, food, fitness, and motherhood.